Soothing, science backed instrumentals, white noise and ambient sounds for sleeping deeper, resting well and focusing more.

Health & Wellness Brand and Record Label

A catalog of sleep sounds and instrumental music for anything or anyone. Need to focus? Need non-distracting background music for work? Spa or massage music? Sleep music? Nature sounds? Music to calm your dog’s anxiety while you’re away? Cat music? Study music? Yep. We have all of those and more. Take a listen, find out for yourself! If you can’t find something, request it and we’ll have one of our many producers “drum” something up for you!


As you lie down and close your eyes, these ocean sounds engulf you, creating a sanctuary of relaxation. The gentle embrace of the sea’s symphony beckons your spirit to drift gently across the tranquil waters, towards the welcoming arms of serene dreams, where the troubles of the day simply wash away.


Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of our rain sounds playlist, a carefully curated selection of nature’s most tranquil symphonies. Each track offers a unique rain soundscape, allowing you to wander through gentle drizzles to revitalizing downpours, all from the comfort of your own sanctuary.


Whether you’re looking to enhance focus during study sessions, seeking solace for meditation, or creating a tranquil atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep, our white noise playlist provides a soothing backdrop, helping to foster a space where mind, body, and spirit can find equilibrium.